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    Frau Potter
    Voice mail # 440-268-5566
     Remind 101 #: 330-423-4608
    Google Voice #: 440-682-0609

    Conjuguemos website: http://conjuguemos.com

    You are Germany video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AR99gcL9j5o&feature=youtu.be


    How to build a car the German way:
    watch video
    (This is a youtube video which cannot be seen on any of the school computers!)
    Pictures of Germany: Deutschland


    Check out my Germany 2010 and2015 trip pages!!!

    Our next trip will be June 2020.

    We will be traveling to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is a 12 day trip. We still have room availabe. See Frau Potter.



    My ScheduleMy Schedule: My schedule
    1st period         German 3 Honors
    2nd period        Planning
    3rd period             Planning
    4th period         German 1 
    5th period         German 2
    6th period             Lunch
    7th period             German 1
    8th period         German 2