Ski and Snowboard Club
    Ms. Mary Kay McNamara
    Voice Mail:  (440) 268-5952
    Mr. Mark Demmerle
    Voice Mail:  (440) 268-5936
    Welcome to Albion's 2015/2016 Ski and Snowboard Club
    Get ready to hit the slopes!
    Ski and Snowboard Club is now set to begin on
    Tuesday, January 12 
     The rescheduled date for the January 5 cancellation is Tuesday, February 9 

    Just a few reminders…

    -        No skis or snowboards are permitted on the school buses, so be sure to have a ride in the morning to bring you and your gear to school.

    -         All ski club equipment and bags will be stored in the storage room in the cafeteria.  Please put it there first thing in the morning.  The room will be locked during the day, so be sure you don’t leave anything that you’ll need during the school day.

    -         Be sure to have a ride ready to pick you up at about 8:30 here in the side parking lot after we return from a fun night of skiing and snowboarding.

    -         Finally, dress warmly and continue to “Think Snow”!

     More questions?  Click the links below for more information.

    Click on the link below for information on how to prevent frostbite and symptoms to look for if you think you might have it.