• Counselors 2016-2017
    6th Grade
    Mr. William Bambrick
    7th Grade
    Mrs. Elissa Ray
    8th Grade
    Mrs. Heather Coblentz 
    A middle school counselor is …..

    ·         A child advocate;

    ·         An adult who helps all children;

    ·         A resource person for parents, teachers and administrators;

    ·         A contact person for outside agencies.


    What does a middle school counselor do?

    ·         Counsels students individually and in small groups about academic, social 
            and  personal concerns

    ·         Teaches students how to resolve conflicts with others

    ·         Manages the course selection process and assists students in course decisions

    ·         Conducts classroom guidance lessons on understanding self, peer relationships,
            effective study skills, decision-making and coping strategies
    ·         Collaborates with teams of teachers to identify at-risk students and effective

    ·         Consults with parents who are concerned about their child

    ·         Promotes a positive school climate.


    What are some of the things students typically talk about with their counselor?

    ·         Peer Relations/Peer Pressure

    ·         Academic concerns (grades, study skills, test-taking, organization)

    ·         Family struggles

    ·         Anger management

    ·         Depression/Anxiety

    ·         Coping with the death of a loved one

    ·         Body Image/Self-Esteem
    How can parents help their students do well?
    Just making school a priority is a big step in helping with the learning process.  Taking tests can be the hardest part of being a student.  By taking the practice exams, students can build confidence and pride in themselves.  Try not to put too much pressure on your children about achievement testing.  If you are overly worried about it, he or she probably will be too.  Practice reading comprehension at home and build your child's vocabulary through reading, talking and word games.  Go through the Math Preparation booklets available in the Spring.  Use the practice exams on the ODE website and make sure they are well rested, on time and well fed on the days of the exam.  Together we can support our students to be successful and productive learners!

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