• mustang
    Mr. Erik Green 
    Subject:  Social Studies 8
    Team:  Crusaders
    School Phone:  (440) 572-7090
    Email:  egreen@scsmustangs.org
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    Learning Begins!
    Your guide to succeed on the Module 17 Test...THE LAST TEST OF THE YEAR!!! 
    Remember...Kahoot is a study tool...and does NOT reflect the ACTUAL test, but when used in cooperation with your Study Topics Sheet will give you some direction in studying!
    1. Go to strongnet.org  (make sure it is the district page NOT the middle school page)
    2. Click the "for students" tab
    3. Click "instructional software launching site" tab
    4. Go to the ED option and click the website
    5. Change the book at the top to: United States History: Beginnings to 1877
    6. Select the Module you want (module 3)
    7. Choose Student eBook tab when it pops up!
    Make Sure you do NOT have popups Blocked!!