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    Mrs. Jeannine Vasil
    Subject:  Social Studies 7
    Team:  Team 7A
    School Phone:  (440) 572-7070
    Voice Mail/Homework: (440) 268-5964
    Welcome To Vasil's Social Studies
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    Learning Style Inventory:  http://www.ldpride.net/learning-style-test.html
    Click here to check out the calendar for homework each day.
    Journey Across Time: The Early Ages (User name:  JAT2005 and Password:  8hu5rust)
    NoodleTools (Check the colored password card for the user name and password for this subscription database.
    Farcebook Project 
    Don't forget you must post your Farcebook page electronically on your Googlesites page! 
    freerice (Check out this site to practice your current world geography.)