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    Welcome to the Rough Riders Team.  Please click on the links to the left
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    Rough Rider Team Reminders

    1. Text alerts

    2.  Email Alerts

    Teachers on the team periodically send out reminders through emails on the PASS system.  We are asking all parents to provide a valid email address to the team so we can make sure you are included in the emails.

    3. Homework Online

    All Rough Rider core homework is posted on our team calendar and updated as necessary.  Please go to strongnet.org and choose Albion Middle School.  From there, choose “Rough Riders” under the “teams” tab and look for the calendar.  

    Please make sure you refresh the screen to see the latest homework!

    If your child has been missing some homework or has been absent, this is a great way to assist them in getting organized.

    4.  PASS system

    Please periodically check your child’s grades.  If you have lost your log-in information, please contact the office to have this reissued.

    5.  Locks

    Historically, we notice that 8th graders often stop using their locks on their lockers.  While we are happy they feel so trusting towards their peers, it is a safety/security issue.  Please tell your child to use his/her lock!

    6.  Viewing the Team Handbook and Syllabi Parent Sign-Offs

    We have decided to post the team handbook and our syllabi online to try to streamline the process.  Please go to strongnet.org and choose Albion Middle School.  From there, choose “Rough Riders” under the “teams” tab and then choose Rough Riders' Open House / Syllabus & Handbook "Sign Off" Information on the left hand side.  From there you will find our team handbook and each teacher’s syllabus.  After reading them, please click the “electronic signature” link to electronically sign off on them.

    7.  Social Studies Study Groups

    There are social studies study groups held 1-2 days before all tests.  Please attend for extra help!

    8. New Emails

    We all have new email addresses!

    Danielle Blackman




    April Pillar

    Health/Physical Education



    Laura Gaba *

    Language Arts



    Erik Green

    Social Studies



    Adam Cletzer