• Rough Riders Team Handbook 2015-2016


    Following is a list of the expectations, supplies, policies and classroom procedures that will be required of all students on the Rough Riders team for the 2015-2016 school year.



    1. Students must show respect for others and their belongings at all times including keeping hands, feet and objects to oneself.
    2. Students must demonstrate a conscientious effort to learn and respect the right of others.
    3. Students must maintain a good attendance record.
    4. Students must follow the specific directions and procedures issued by all teachers / staff at all times and immediately upon request.
    5. Students will come to all classes ready to learn with needed supplies.


    Failure to meet the above expectations will result in disciplinary consequences which may include, but are not limited to:


    ·        warnings

    ·        writing assignments

    ·        lunch detention

    ·        before or after school detentions

    ·        phone calls home

    ·         team meetings

    ·        removal from class

    ·        removal from team activities and/or rewards

    ·        Inability to participate in team activities and/or rewards




    8th Grade Required Supplies:

    • 2-3 packages Blue or black pens and 1 package red pens
    • 2-3 packages #2 pencils (may need more depending on how many get lost!)
    • At least 6 packages of Loose-leaf paper for all classes (more may be needed)
    • 2 boxes of Kleenex to your 3rd period teacher
    • Sealable supply pouch for pens/pencils, etc.
    • Flash Drive (1 GB recommended) on lanyard and labeled with name
    • 4 Composition Notebooks (Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts)

    *These supplies may need to be replenished throughout the school year.


    Rough Riders Required Supplies:


    One 5 subject notebook with folders in the notebook

    Graph Paper (small pack)

    Math 8 only- TI-30XIIS Calculator

    Algebra I only - TI-84


    One package of colored pencils

    One 3-ring Binder, 2" or larger

    *Binder MUST BE BLUE

    Dividers for binder

    One package of 3X5 notecards

    Language Arts

    One 1-1/2" Binder with pockets

    5 Dividers for binder

    One package of notebook paper

    One package of 3X5 notecards

    Social Studies

    One 3-ring Binder and one folder with brads

    TWO folders WITH Brads




    Paper Heading


    Members of the Rough Riders team will head their papers the same way for each class, in the upper right hand corner:


    Full name

    Class period

    Brief assignment description






    The Rough Rider team will employ the district grading scale:






    F=below 60%






    It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and make up assignments that are missed when absent. Assignments are posted on the team webpage.   All work must be made up according to the guidelines in the student handbook.  

    Homework policy: Students receive as many days as they were absent to make up missed homework.  For example, if you were absent on a Tuesday, Monday's homework is due upon your return to school, and Wednesday's and Tuesday's homework is due Thursday.



    Test policy: If you are absent the day of a test, you are expected to take the test on the day of your return.
    Long-term assignments: The due dates stand regardless of absences. 
    Students absent for an extended period of time are encouraged to contact the office to obtain any handouts necessary to complete work.
    Late Assignments

     To help your child develop good study habits, please check that your child is writing, completing, and turning in assignments.  Your child’s planner and the team website (Rough Rider calendar) are useful vehicles for checking assignments.

    It is very important to complete homework and other assignments on time. Therefore, the following policy will be in effect: students turning assignments in after the due date may receive up to 1/2 credit for the assignment during the duration of the chapter/unit at the discretion of the teacher.  After the completion of the chapter / unit (test, quiz or culminating project), the student will receive zero credit for the assignment.  


    Students may be asked to remain in a classroom for a "working lunch" to finish homework.

     Extra Credit


    Extra credit on the Rough Rider team will be handled individually by each teacher. Students should not rely on extra credit to earn a better grade, as the amount of the extra credit may vary from one grading period to the next.

     Academic Integrity

     During assessment situations, silence is mandatory.  Talking and disruptive behavior will result in a loss of points.  Copying another person’s work or allowing another person to copy your work is an act of cheating and will result in a loss of points.  Disciplinary action will follow.

    Plagiarism will be reviewed at the beginning of the school year.  Students who copy work from the internet, books, or other sources will receive zero credit and will be referred to the office for disciplinary action. 
     Most weekly homework assignments are given on Monday in each class.


    The team website provides a link for daily homework assignments.  Please access the Rough Rider team calendar to see daily assignments.  Make sure to refresh the screen to see all added assignments.  Students should be encouraged to utilize this resource on a daily basis.
    Hall Passes
    Students must use their planner for access to halls.  Lost planners must be replaced at the student’s expense. Hall passes are a privilege, not a right. 
    Each student will have a signed pass in the planner on the current day to limit bathroom / locker usage; the hallway passport in the back of the planner will be used for all other passes.
     Tardy Policy
    Students are expected to be on time to all classes, which means in the room seated, ready to learn. 

     To ensure this, the following tardy policy is in place:  
    •       1st offense = warning
    •       2nd offense = warning
    •       3rd offense = ½ hr. detention   
    •        4th offense = 1 hour detention
    •        5th offense = office referral  
     This policy will be enforced on a quarterly basis, per class.
    We on the Rough Riders team believe that it is important to recognize students for positive behavior. In light of this belief, students will be recognized in the following ways: Verbal and/or written praise,  positive notes home/calls to parent(s), various incentives throughout the year. Individual Rough Riders may also be rewarded with the Teddy Bear Award. This is a peer /staff nominated award. 
    This is only a projected idea of what will occur this year, and revisions of the expectations are possible as the year progresses.
    2012 Albion Middle School