• Strongsville Middle School Ski/Snowboard Club


    Ms. McNamara (room 306)                      Mrs. Vish (room 308)                           Mrs. Goetz (room 111)

    mmcnamara@scsmustangs.org            cvish@scsmustangs.org                  mgoetz@scsmustangs.org

    440 268-5952                                                    440 268-5964                                          440 268-5423

      We are sorry to inform you that SMS will NOT offer
    Ski and Snowboard Club
    for the
    2020-2021 Season
    We look forward to returning to the slopes for the
    2021-2022 Season
    If you're planning a trip out to BMBW this winter please check out their website for the new safety protocol they have implemented for this season.

    Boston Mills Brandywine



    In the event that you need to pick your child up early from one of our weekly outings, please adhere to the following procedure:
    • Send a note to one of the club advisors (either on paper or by email) indicating your intent to pick up your child, including the time that the student will be leaving.
    • At Brandywine, you and your child will need to find one of the club advisors in the upstairs area of the lodge to verify that the two of you are leaving together.