Strongsville Middle School

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Guidance Department
It is the primary purpose of the school counseling program at Strongsville Middle School to advocate for all students and the school to maximize students' potential. Our program is proactive, preventative, and responsive to the individual needs of all students. Through individual/group counseling and classroom guidance lessons we are able to enrich our students with the appropriate skills and support needed to develop into responsible students and citizens in the community. We collaborate with students, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians and community agencies to coordinate services to ensure an environment that promotes academic and social development.
7th Grade School Counselor (for 2017-2018) Mr. William Bambrick
8th Grade School Counselor (for 2017-2018)  Mrs. Elissa Ray
6th Grade School Counselor (for 2017-2018) Mrs. Heather Coblentz
School Psychologist Mrs. Amy Hoffman
School Psychologist Mr. Jeremy Ryman
Guidance Clerk Mrs. Patti Bendzuk