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     7th Grade Physical Science "Click" the content links in the left column to navigate this site.


    Text – Pearson Interactive Science (Workbook)

    Materials -      Paper                          Writing Tool              Flash Drive

                            Folder                         Workbook                  Highlighter


    Scientific Inquiry and Applications Skills

    ·        Math, Graphs, Scientific Method, lab skills, and the uses of models

    Life Science

    ·       Matter transfers between organisms and their environment

    ·       Biomes: Organism number, growth, population, survival, and biotic and abiotic factors.

    Physical Science

    ·        Properties of matter and their arrangements of atoms

    ·       Energy can be transferred and transformed but never lost

    ·        The ways energy can be transferred

    Earth & Space Science

    ·       Hydrologic Cycle

    ·        Thermal energy transfers in the oceans and atmosphere and their effects

    ·        Layers of the Earths’ atmosphere and the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere

    ·        Moon phases, eclipses, and other interactions with the Earth

          This class is basically hands-on.  Students will learn information from the workbook, and use it to perform labs and experiments that reinforce the content of that chapter.  The chapter should be read throughout the duration of the 2-3 week period designated for each chapter. I will go through the workbook with the students and highlight the information that will be assessed. If the workbook is lost or misplaced the replacement will cost $15.97.  A study guide of the vocabulary, content, and skills to be assessed will be provided before each test.  I will give a test for each chapter and sometimes a quiz.  Most of the quizzes are announced and the tests are always announced at least a week before they are given.  The other days are spent doing labs, discussing results, and completing worksheets and other activities to help imbed the content and skills necessary.  I give 1 project per quarter and they are completed in class.  The projects will be changing this year but will be announced well in advance. 

    I look forward to challenging you every day in class.

                                                                                  Mr. Ian Steffen




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