• Erin Green
    Director of Curriculum
    Phone: 440.572.7015

    As the Director of Curriculum, Erin Green is in charge of selecting the pre-K-12 textbook and instructional materials, coordinating the K-12 state testing, identification for and coordination of gifted delivery services, and English Language Learner (ELL) screening, placement, scheduling and service. Green and her department also handle oversight of Title I programming, coordination of professional development for Pre-K- 12 staff members, implementation of Ohio Online programming, and Kindergarten early entrance identification.

    Erin Green holds a BA in education from Hiram College, a MA in curriculum, instruction, and professional development from Malone College and a Ed.S in brain-based research from Nova Southeastern University.


    Erin Green   Erin Green
      Director of Curriculum

      Email: eringreen@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7015 


    Brenda Rosala   Brenda Rosala
      Executive Secretary

      Email: brosala@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7015


    JoAnna O'Bryon

      Joanna O'Bryon
      District Secretary

      Email: jobryon@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7009


    Beth Burdick   Beth Burdick
     Coordinator of Gifted Services

      Email: bburdick@scsmustangs.org
      Phone: 440.572.7027