• Anti-Bullying Initiatives

    Promoting a Safe and Caring Environment for All Students

    We Believe...

    Strongsville City Schools will not tolerate behavior that infringes on the safety or well-being of any student.  This belief applies whenever a student is on school grounds, traveling to and from school or a school-sponsored activity or during a school-sponsored activity.  Therefore, the school(s) and community have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance.  Simply stated, we believe a student shall not intimidate or harass another student through words or actions.


    Bullying is...

    The District believe that each student has the right to a safe and healthy school environment - an environment where all students are allowed to share their ideas, their likes and dislikes, and be themselves.  What follows is a description of unacceptable types of bullying behaviors that will not be tolerated.


    A student is being bullied when he/she is exposed to repeated, deliberate hostility and/or aggression designed to injure, disturb, or do harm to a student, either from an individual student or a group of students.  Bullying includes:

    • Physical Bullying - hitting, kicking, taking or damaging property, pushing, blocking others, spitting, pinching, tripping
    • Verbal Bullying - name calling, insulting, persistent teasing, threatening remarks, sarcastic remarks, making fun of clothing, appearance, family, abilities
    • Emotional Bullying - exclusion from a group or activity, spreading rumors, ridicule, humiliation, rejecting others from a peer group.  Forcing someone to do something they do not want to do, framing, blaming to get them in trouble.
    • Sexual Bullying - any unwanted physical touch, negative comments about someone's body, sexual remarks, embarrassing others
    • Racial Bullying - racial taunts, name-calling, making someone feel different, exclusion based on race, religion, or ethnic background


    Educating Students…

    Strongsville City Schools are working diligently to not only implement policies, but to educate our students, staff, and parents in effectively dealing with bullying.  It is our goal that all students will develop the skills necessary to identify bullying behaviors, possess the developed strategies to address the bullying behaviors, and seek adult assistance when repeated incidents occur.  The school guidance and counseling staff has developed and conducts student training as part of our ongoing Bully Prevention Program.   The program includes: classroom meetings, advisory groups, role-plays, and anti-bullying lessons that may be incorporated into the academic day.


    Consequences for Bullying: Reporting, Investigating, and Intervention Programs

    School employees cannot address a bullying concern if they are unaware of a problem.  Students (and parents) should report repeated bullying incidents they endure or observe to teachers, guidance counselors, or administrators.  This can be done by a phone call, a note from the parent or student, or speaking personally to an adult staff member at school.


    Bullying reports will be investigated and the privacy and safety of the student/parents making the reports will be protected.  Students and parents need to trust school staff to work in the best interest of their child and understand that most bullying behaviors can be reduced and possibly eliminated once reported.


    School-wide interventions will vary to accommodate the varying degrees of bullying incidents and the students involved.  These interventions will include; counseling, mediation/peer mediation, apologies/written apologies, parent meetings, and follow the progressive discipline plan consequences set forth by Strongsville City Schools.