• Hello ! Welcome to Mrs. Tedeschi's & Mrs. Pasko's Class!

    Mrs. Tedeschi & Mrs. Pasko
    4th Grade
    Room 122
     Email Addresses: jtedeschi@scsmustangs.org; cpasko@scsmustangs.org
    Phone number: 268-5488
    (Dojo messages, email. or your child's assignment notebook is the best way to reach us)
     Upcoming Dates:
    Friday, March 13th - Friday, May 1st

    Fourth Grade Families,

    Please tell your kids that we will miss them and hope that everyone stays healthy. 

    We hope that you all enjoy family time over this unexpected School Closure.


    As a district, the 4th grade teachers will be sending out Distance Learning assignments

    for students to complete starting Monday, April 6. 

    If you do not have a chromebook (computer) for your child to use during this time
    the district will be providing them to borrow. 
    Please look for an email from Dr. Ryba explainging the procedures.

    Moby Max contest is still ON!  All prizes earned over break will be awarded the first Friday back.  

    Please try to keep up with your weekly Lexia minutes and units.  

    Science - There are life science lessons in Moby Max.  (Click on the top left tab with the picture of books to get to the main page. 

    All the icons will appear - then click the “Science” button to get to these lessons)

    Math - Review chapter 11 lessons on Personal Math Trainer.  Check your assignments under your “things to do” tab.

    Optional Book Club - Pick one or more if you feel motivated :)

    Rules - by, Cynthia Lord

    Save Me a Seat - by, Gita Varadarajan, Sarah Weeks

    Out of My Mind - by, Sharon Draper

    ~ Final project to show you’ve read - design a new book cover for your novel.  Please include a summary on the back.

    If you’re still looking for things to do:  RAZ kids reading, RAZ kids Ready Test, and anything on Moby Max ~ foundational board games, test prep.