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Extended Learning Plan

Impacted Students

Students are identified by building teams who are in need of additional focused programming due to various factors impacting a student’s ability to learn. Building teams constantly utilize collected data to refine support structures in an attempt to provide every student the opportunity to be successful.

Needs include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reading and Mathematics Foundations 
  • Content Area Reading Comprehension Strategies and Writing Conventions 
  • Mathematical Problem Solving Strategies 
  • Specific Graduation Credit Recovery Options 
  • Social-Emotional Strategies 


Supports For Intervention / Enrichment - Grade-level and content-area teams will strengthen their power standards knowledge and redesign engaging learning opportunities to support all learners with the support of our curriculum coordinators, Literacy Coaches, Mathematics Coaches, Title I teachers, EL instructors, and Intervention Specialists.

Summer Learning Opportunities - During the month of June, SCS will hold summer “camps” to provide targeted instruction to select students in grades K-12. These students will receive additional in-person instruction focusing on ELA and Mathematics power standards. In addition to addressing the academic needs of these students, school counselors will be made available to assist with addressing their social-emotional needs. Week long enrichment camps focusing on STEM content and MakerSpace principles will be held for students in grades 3-12. Virtual asynchronous access to online academic programming supported through July.     


SCS appreciates the involvement of numerous internal and external learning community members for their support with the creation and implementation of this plan. These efforts will go beyond fulfilling the academic needs of our students but also address their social-emotional and mental wellbeing.