CPE - see google classroom   Notes for Monday 3/18/19

    Earth Science Calendar Sem2         Sem 1

          ESS Daily Instructions


     19415672 Ward2
     19415693 Ward3
     19415704 Ward4
    19449593 Myth
     19415718 Ward8
    2 CPE  shd81q
    3 CPE  hubca6
    4 CPE  ch6zsc
    7 ESS  0pasthh  (that is a zero!)
    8 CPE  sqpq32
    Sign up for Remind: (I do not send HW reminders)
     CPE: Text @cpe20181 to 81010
     Earth Science: Text @g7gckd    to 81010
    Email: kward@scsmustangs.org         @MrsWardscience1 
    1- Planning
    2- CPE
    3- CPE
    4- CPE
    5- Duty Mon/Wed period sub or computer lab 900
    6- Lunch
    7- Earth Science
    8- CPE
    Info about Mrs. Ward: 
    *BS in Biology from Cleveland State University
    *Integrated Science Teaching License grades 7-12 
    *Masters Degree in Secondary Science Education with a concentration in Biology