• Past Activities

    -:Bone Marrow Drive
    -:Salvation Army Donation Bell Ringing at the Strongsville Mall and Giant Eagle
    -:Toy and Book Drive for the Berea Children's Home
    -:Sunday, March 19th: Dodgeball Tournament (some of the funds were donated to Camp Cheerful)
    -:Donation to Domestic Violence Center
    -:Donation to payment of Guest Speaker
    (Officers: Alex (President), Courtney and Caitlyn (Co-Vice Presidents), Natalie (Secretary), Wally (Treasurer), Mr. Young (Advisor) 
    -Thurs, Oct. 1:  Guests from Rotary (Mr. Frawley & Mr. Turnbull) and Susan
     talked about the Bone Marrow Drive
    -Tues., Oct. 20th: Chelsea visited us to talk about her Bone Marrow Transplant.
      We also talked about t-shirt contest for Bone Marrow Drive.
    -Fri., Oct. 23rd: Painted the city's Wooden Christmas soldiers
     Voted on t-shirt design for Bone Marrow Drive.  Thank you Katie S.
     Cute design! :)
    -Sat., Dec. 7 (8:30-12pm): Folded Clothes in Olmsted Falls with Rotary Club
     and Key Club.
    -Sat., Dec. 7th (noon-3pm): Bone Marrow Drive at SouthPark Mall.  Next
     year the drive will be the first Saturday in December.
    -Fri., Dec. 11th (6-9pm): Ring the bell at Salvation Army at Giant Eagle
    -Sat. Feb. 20th (7-9pm): Benefit Piano Concert.  Thank you, Tatsuya
     Nagashima for sharing your talent with us! :)
    -Sun. March 21st (12-4pm): Dodgeball Tournament
    (Officers: Lauren (President), Conor & Jonathan (Vice President), Anna Sophia (Secretary)(Advisor: Ms. Barba)


    -Helped out the city of Strongsville by cleaning the "toy soldiers"
    -Had a clothes drive the first week of December at SHS Dec. 2-9th
     Congratulations, Ms. Imhoff's class who collected the most clothes.
    -Folded the clothes with Rotary on Sat. Dec. 6th & Sat. Dec. 13th
    -Salvation Army Ringing the bell with the Rotary Friday, Dec. 12th
    -Sunday, March 8th (12:30-3:00pm) Dodgeball Tourney. Congratulations,
     Grizzlys :)  You were close, teachers :) Thank you, Rotary for
     participating this year :)
    (Officers: Ricky (President), Jonathan (Vice President), Katie
    Secretary, Shelby (Treasurer), Lauren (Director of Communications:
    helped sooo much with Dodgeball)
    (Advisor: Ms. Barba)


    -Helped out the Strongsville Youth Commission with
     the "Senior & Senior Prom"

    -Dodgeball Tournament
    -collected gently used books for Africa and an inner city Cleveland
     elementary school

     (Officers: John M. (President), Sam C. (Vice President)
    (Advisors: Ms. Barba & Mr. Young)

    -Dodgeball Tournament that raised money for a cause
    -Volleyball Tournament that raised money for Bone Marrow

    -Helped out with Salvation Army's Christmas ringing the bells
    (Officers: Megan V. (President)
    (Advisors: Ms. Barba & Mr. Young)

    -Through St. Ignatius fed the homeless, visited the homeless where they
      lived & gave them canned goods, pizza, batteries for their hand held 
      radios and small tvs, blankets adn candles
    -Soup kitchen
    -Raised money to finish "Safety Town"
    (Officers: (President), (Vice President), (Secretary), (Treasurer)
    (Founding Advisors: Ms. Maichreye & Mr. Lamberty)