We greatly value the time our volunteers give the Strongsville Schools.  To protect students, staff, and the volunteers it is required by ODE that any person who will be alone with students must have a clear BCI background check on file with the district. Parents who attend parties under the supervision of a teacher do not need to be printed.

    Please Note:  The Strongsville City Schools does not offer BCI background checks to the general public.

    The following groups may volunteer in the school buildings:

    Parent Chaperones (field trips)
    Regular Classroom Volunteers
    Kids Hope Mentors
    Sports Volunteer Coaches
    Sports Transportation Chaperones
    Vendors with access to students

    STEP 1:  Principals, Secretaries, Teachers, and Head Coaches should contact the Human Resource Department at either x7037 or x7038 to report their list of approved volunteers. Staff can verify approved volunteers on Google Drive.  School secretaries have access to the approved volunteer list.

    • Volunteers who are approved to be with students by school personnel must hold clear BCI prints before beginning the activity.
    COST: $22.00
    (payable by exact cash, check; Charge add process fee $1.00=$23.00)
    Bring your driver's license

    TIME: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    LOCATION: Board of Education, Human Resource Office
     18199 Cook Road (Old Zellers School)

    How long does it take? BCI reports are generally returned to us within 24 hours - unless....

    • If there is a "ding" on the record (conviction of any kind) - 6 Week turnaround
    • The report is in "waiting" mode (not under our control) - 4-6 Week turnaround
    • If you have not lived in Ohio for the last 5 years cost is $47.25 (Credit $49.25)
    How long is the background check valid?  5 Years
    Can I bring in a background check taken by another agency?  We can take a BCI for a volunteer that is less than a year old.  You will need to have a copy of the official BCI report.
    Can I get a copy of my background check?  Yes.  A BCI result can be mailed to the home address on the record or volunteers can pick up a copy in the Human Resource Office.  A driver's license is required for pick-up. 
    COST: none
    Volunteers should come in as soon as they know they will be volunteering to allow time for the results to be back before their scheduled activity starts.
    Thank you for volunteering! 
    We appreciate all you do for the students of the Strongsville City Schools


    QUESTIONS: 440-572-7037