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    Cafeteria News 2019-2020


    Breakfast is served in all Strongsville Schools.  There are many benefits to eating breakfast daily.  Please encourage your children to take advantage of this opportunity.  All students who receive free lunches are also eligible for free breakfasts.  Students who receive reduced lunches pay $0.30 for breakfast, all with no additional paperwork.  Breakfast at the Elementary and Middle Schools costs $2.00 and is served beginning 20 minutes before school. Breakfast at the Strongsville High School costs $2.25 and is served from 6:45 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. daily. 


    For Elementary and Middle School students, they may charge two meals (or go into the negative balance for two meals).  Once a student has reached the maximum charges, the POS system will not allow any more charging.  The student would then be given an alternate lunch of a cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetables, and milk at no charge.  Parents will be notified if their elementary child’s account falls into a negative balance with a note home.

    New at the High School level this year, students will be able to charge up to two meals.  Emails will be sent to the parents when charging occurs so funds can be added to the account.  However, please be aware that all negative balances at year end will be transferred to the students' school fees.  Therefore, it is best for students to have money in hand or on their student account.

    To allow time to collect outstanding balances before summer, our cash registers will not allow students to charge meals if they don’t have money on their account beginning on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.  Students can use their account during this time if they have money on it or if they pay cash.  Any remaining negative balance must be paid by the end of the school year or it will be moved to your student's school fee account.  


    Each school offers a variety of items that can be purchased separately from the meal.  All chips are baked, all ice cream is low fat, and each item must meet certain calorie restrictions.  Students may purchase a la carte items using cash or their lunch account. Prices range from $0.25 to $2.75.


    The application for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program is included in the Cafeteria News opening day packet that went home to all students. The form is also on our website below.  This form needs to be filled out each school year to be considered to stay on the program.  The cutoff date this year is October 1, 2019--your form needs to be returned by that date for your students to stay on the program if they were on it last school year.

    For those families applying for the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, please use one form per family.  List all family members on the application. You can return the form to any of the schools or send it directly to our office at 18199 Cook Ave, Strongsville, OH 44136, and we will process immediately.  You will be notified in writing your qualification for benefits under the program.  Please submit your application before September 14, 2019, if you'd like to be considered to waive instructional school fees.  Families can apply any time during the school year if your situation changes.

    If you received a letter from our office stating you were pre-approved to receive free meals for school year 2019-2020, do not complete the application.  However if you’d like to be considered for a fee waiver for your instructional fees, you must sign the letter where indicated and return it to our office, or you will be responsible for your fees.


    Each month a menu will be sent home with all elementary students.  You can also find it online by going to www.strongnet.org and clicking on the "Menus" icon to access the Food Services Page.  All of our menus are also available on your smartphone by downloading the free NutriSlice app.  The NutriSlice app contains menu information as well as nutritional and allergen information for menu items and photographs, so please try it out. 

    The elementary menus will feature the menu of the day PLUS a weekly alternate entree.  All meals are served with the appropriate side dishes and milk.  Milk may be purchased separately for $0.60/carton.  We offer 1% Lowfat, 1% Chocolate, and Fat-Free Strawberry.

    Lunch sign up is done every morning in the elementary classrooms. Students are to indicate if they are buying the regular lunch or the alternate.  Our cafeterias cook what is needed based on that sign up every morning, so it is important to sign up for the lunch the student wants so the cafeteria staff has accurate counts.  Please review these procedures with your elementary student.

    The High School and Middle School menus include multiple different stations and options.  All meals include a choice of entree, fruit, vegetables, and milk.


    Student lunches (including milk) are $3.00 for elementary schools and $3.25 for the Middle and High Schools.  Milk can be purchased separately for $0.60, and extras or a la carte items are priced from $0.25 to $2.75, depending on what the student buys.  Reduced lunch cost is $0.40.

    Strongsville Schools use a Point of Sale (POS) system. Students are required to enter their six digit student ID number, so please practice with your children so they are prepared.

    We encourage parents to put money on their child's lunch account.  Strongsville Schools use a Point of Sale (POS) system.  There are several advantages of this system, the best being total anonymity as to if your child receives free or reduced-price meals--no one knows except the cashier.  Students are required to enter their six-digit student ID number, so please practice with your children so they are prepared.

    To put money on your student’s account you may send in a check made out to SCS with your student, and the Cafeteria staff will post that money to your student’s account.  Please include their name and ID number on the check.  You may also sign up for a PaySchools Central account to fund their account with a credit card or your checking account.  The link to PaySchools Central is below.  PaySchools Central does charge a fee for their service; however, it gives you access to view their account spending, and you can set low-balance limits to automatically replenish their account so your student never runs low on money.  Finally, a student can always pay with cash.


    The Ohio Department of Education sets the policy on how schools handle students who have medical or special dietary needs in regards to milk.  If your child has a life-threatening allergy/disability, we will require documentation from a licensed physician that describes the child’s condition.  Please include the physician’s name and phone number, should there be questions. Additionally, the doctor should specify what the appropriate substitution should be. 


    Please consider using Strongsville Food Services to cater your student’s birthday treats this year.  We can provide jumbo cookies or ice cream treats at a low cost for your son or daughter delivered right to the cafeteria for their special day. We can also provide treats for classroom parties, PTA events, or special student lunches as well.  The catering menu link is below.  Please call 440-572-7058 to discuss how we might be able to help with your catering needs. 

    Michael Nowosielski, Director of Dining Services  (mnowosielski@scsmustangs.org)
    Tammy Ray, Secretary (tray@scsmustangs.org)
    Cafeteria Managers
    Linda Koncz                        Chapman Elementary          Julie Andersen           Strongsville Middle School
    Vicki Ladesic             Kinsner Elementary             Jean Shuleva             Strongsville High School 
    Robin Janosky           Muraski Elementary
    Karen McManamon    Surrarrer Elementary
    Jennifer Fathauer      Whitney Elementary
    Breakfast Prices:                       Lunch Prices:
    Elementary & Middle School:  $2.00              Elementary:                            $3.00
    High School:                         $2.25              Middle School & High School:   $3.25
    Milk:                                    $0.60              Milk:                                      $0.60
    Faculty & Staff:
    Adult Breakfast:  $2.75
    Adult Lunch:       $3.75
    This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider

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