• Strongsville City Schools Facilities Task Force

    Mission Statement:

    The facilities task force will determine the questions, the methods and the format to engage the community and gather their ideas and suggestions for our facilities.  We will schedule community meetings and reach out to the citizens of Strongsville to find out what they see as important issues with our facilities.  From that data we will update our Strategic Plan for Facilities and provide the foundation for educational success in the 21st century.  Also, we will outline a time line as to when we may renovate / rebuild our facilities and how we will maintain them up to and through the construction phase.


    1.    Community engagement and a sharing of ideas.

    2.    Gather input regarding grade level configuration.

    3.    Establish a “needs” list for our current buildings and a “wants” list for renovation / new construction.

    4.    To determine funding levels along with an appropriate time-line.

    5.    Update the Facilities Strategic Plan