• Mustang  Mustang Ticket Information

    Tickets for All athletic events may be purchased at:
         1)  Football Pre-sale tickets will be available Fridays during lunch periods.
                   a.  Pre-game tickets for students are $4 and are good for both home and away games.
                   b.  Pre-game tickets for adults are $6 and are good ONLY for home games. 

         2)  SHS Athletic Office at the High School     Phone:  (440) 572-7102
                   a.  Football:  Thursday / Friday from 7am - 3pm
                   b.  All others:  Day of Event from 7am - 3pm

         3)  Strongsville Spirit Shop at The Strongsville Recreation Center
               Phone:  (440) 570-3451
                   a.  Mon - Sat from 9:30am-8pm