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Dan Foust
Communications Coordinator

Strongsville, OH (May 2, 2016) - Twelve Strongsville High School marketing students competed at DECA’s International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, from April 23-26, 2016. A record number of Strongsville students qualified for the conference by placing in the top 10 during the recent state competition.

Strongsville High School students earning awards and recognition at the conference included:

       Gurjeevan Gill (Silver Medal) - Highest role play score for Sports & Entertainment Individual Series Role Play 2

       Joshua Collins & Justin Tulloch (Silver Medal) - Highest role play score for the Sports & Entertainment team event

       Joshua Collins & Justin Tulloch (Blue Medal) - Placed within the top 20 competitors in the Sports & Entertainment team event

       Olivia Abdallah - Received one of ten Marriott International Scholarships for $2,000. 120,000 DECA members applied for these scholarships.

The conference spotlighted DECA’s top student performers from all 50 United States, U.S. Territories and nine foreign countries. This year’s international conference brought together over 17,500 members and advisors to Nashville for the pinnacle event of the year.

During the school year, approximately 120,000 of DECA’s 210,000 student members take part in the organization’s competitive events program, allowing them to compete for district and state titles. The competitions are designed to simulate real-life business scenarios and test students’ academic understanding and skills development. The competition highlights innovative business partnerships that empower these emerging business leaders and future entrepreneurs to tackle the challenges of an increasing complex 21st Century economy.

The following students, led by Strongsville High School marketing teacher Ms. Jessica Frenchikrepresented SHS as members of the of the DECA Nationals Team:

Leah Marko – Automotive Series
Phil Cappelli – Business Services
Taylor Strohmenger – Food Marketing
Diana Ridgeway – Marketing Management
Olivia Abdallah – Quick Serve
Gurjeevan Gill – Sports & Entertainment
Kyra Starek & Kassidy Krizman – Buying & Merchandising Team Event
Joshua Collins & Justin Tulloch – Sports & Entertainment Team Event
Megan McManamon & Kacie McManus – Travel & Tourism Team Event

Participating students shared the following quotes:

"Attending the DECA ICDC competition this year was an experience I will never forget. Representing not only Strongsville High School, but the entire state of Ohio was a bit nerve racking but I was more than prepared for what I was to face. It was indeed a challenge but doing as well as I did made me feel that I accomplished something and really showed my marketing and business skills that I've accumulated these last two years." - Gurjeevan Gill

“Having experienced the DECA International Career Development Conference last year, I was extremely excited to go to Nashville this year with Miss Frenchik. Needless to say, the entire trip was an incredible success for all of our Strongsville competitors and the group made memories that will last a lifetime!" - Olivia Abdallah

"Attending the national conference in Nashville, Tennessee was an overall amazing experience that taught me several valuable skills that made me grow not only as a student, but as a person. I am so grateful to have a teacher like Ms. Frenchik, who made it possible for all of us to attend this trip. I will forever remember it." - Taylor Strohmenger

"Going to nationals for DECA was the best experience I have had in high school. Meeting so many new people and being part of the experience was far more than incredible. As a junior I hope to work hard and have the chance to go once again." - Leah Marko

"ICDC in Nashville was a great experience. Competing among 18,000 DECA students was extremely tough but was an incredible learning experience. I loved the city! The music was great and I got to meet new people from many different places and even got to know my fellow classmates better. I am very thankful for Ms Frenchik for making this possible!!" - Kassidy Krizman

"DECA ICDC was one of the best experiences I have had regarding my future life plans, as it opened my eyes to the amount of DECA students studying business across the country and more. I got to meet a lot of interesting people who come from such different backgrounds, but we all have DECA in common." - Kyra Starek

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The mission of the Strongsville City Schools, an excellent school district with a tradition of nationally recognized students and staff, is to ensure all students reach their fullest potential, through challenging curriculum and activities, provided by a highly qualified, motivated staff, in a safe, supportive environment with up-to-date facilities and technology - in partnership with the community.