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Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator

Strongsville City Schools


Strongsville, OH (May 23, 2016) - Strongsville City Schools and Strongsville Education Association announced the ratification of a three-year collective bargaining agreement. The agreement will be in effect from August 1, 2016 through July 31, 2019.

This three-year agreement builds upon the current one-year agreement and is the result of a continued cooperative working relationship between both administration and teachers.

Included in the three-year agreement are updates to teacher evaluation procedures, removal of medical insurance caps, streamlining personal leaves, integration of collaborative teacher-based teams into the school day, finalization of grades K-5th and grades 6th-8th elective course scheduling, removal of retirement incentives, reduction of severance pay for resigning employees, salary increases of 1.5% in 2016-17, 1.5% in 2017-18, and 1% in 2018-19, and agreed upon ground rules for 2019 negotiations.

Board of Education President Carl Naso said, “Over the past several years, the district and teachers association have worked hard to build a collaborative working relationship and open lines of communications. Based on these efforts, this round of contract negotiations were conducted strictly between the local administration and teacher teams, relying only on non-district parties for consultation and review of the final agreement.  Negotiations are never easy as there are opposing interests at times. Yet, we are pleased with how both teams came together to find common ground to reach a strong agreement.  This three-year contract furthers the district’s goals of financial prudence and student achievement through protecting educational excellence.

Strongsville Education Association President, and middle school science teacher, Ian Steffen said, “The professionalism demonstrated during this process is a direct reflection of the continued efforts by both sides to strengthen and develop relationships within our district. This three-year agreement is another positive step forward in guiding Strongsville to be the premier school district we are all focused on it becoming. The collaborative efforts, shared vision, and continued mutual respect between administration and staff will drive our district to this goal. As educators, we look forward to the opportunity to empower and inspire all students to find their love for learning, all the while pushing them to reach their maximum potential as learners and future leaders of this community."

“We are extremely pleased with the collaboration and teamwork demonstrated in finalizing this new contract. This agreement further solidifies the positive working relationship we have with our teachers, enhances our educational environment, while also respecting the interests of our taxpayers. This agreement allows us to continue to move our district forward towards becoming a premier district for our students and community,” said Strongsville City Schools Superintendent Cameron Ryba.


The mission of the Strongsville City Schools, an excellent school district with a tradition of nationally recognized students and staff, is to ensure all students reach their fullest potential, through challenging curriculum and activities, provided by a highly qualified, motivated staff, in a safe, supportive environment with up-to-date facilities and technology - in partnership with the community.