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Strongsville Board of Education to Move Forward with Sale of Former Drake Elementary School Building & Property


Contact:              Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator
Strongsville City Schools

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Strongsville, OH (September 19, 2016) - During a special Strongsville Board of Education meeting held this evening, the Board voted to accept a recent public auction bid of $200,000 and move forward with the sale of the former Drake Elementary School building and property. Michael Chambers submitted the highest bid during this recent public auction, with his stated intent to further develop this property for an assisted living facility and independent living villas.  

This decision will save the District $291,000 in demolition costs for the building and will also provide $200,000 from the auction bid, for a total of $491,000 for the District to use for capital improvement projects.

Upon the recommendation of the Board Facilities Development Committee, Strongsville’s Board of Education recently approved placing the former Drake Elementary school building and property up for public auction to determine the market value of these district assets, and potential sale to an interested buyer. Strongsville’s Board of Education reserved the right to accept or reject the public auction’s top bid based on intended use of the property.

“One of our stated District goals is financial prudence, which guides our decision-making as a Board. Our fiduciary responsibility was to weigh the facts and consider the reward, as well as the risk in making this decision for the Drake Elementary property. This decision was made with much discussion and consideration, including our respect and acknowledgement of the impact this sale has for those in the immediate vicinity and neighborhood of this building and property. We are confident that the buyer’s intended use of the property will benefit our community, and as a District, we are also gaining $491,000 in revenue which will further assist in future improvement projects for our existing facilities,” said Carl Naso, Strongsville Board of Education President.


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