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Connecting Communities, Connecting Cultures Exchange Program Between Strongsville & El Salvador


Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator

Strongsville City Schools

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El Salvador Educators to Visit Strongsville

During the First Week of December

as Part of Program


Strongsville, OH (November 30, 2016) - Eight guests from El Salvador will be visiting Strongsville City Schools from December 2 - December 10, as part of a “Connecting Communities, Connecting Cultures” program developed by Strongsville High School Spanish teacher, Tonya Barba-Minor, and an English teacher in El Salvador, Elizabeth Orellana Sanchez. The visiting group from El Salvador includes six teachers, one principal, and the Executive Director of Epilogos Charities, Inc.

Ms. Orella Sanchez is interested in learning different teaching methods and experiencing other learning environments, in order to bring those ideas and techniques back to her classroom in El Salvador. Ms. Barba-Minor wants to give her students and colleagues a “real-life” experience of what they have been studying in the classroom. Through the assistance of the El Salvador Committee at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Strongsville, this exchange trip has become a reality. The Church has helped organize sponsors, host families, and donations for some of the travel costs.

A full itinerary is scheduled for both in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences, including guests visiting Strongsville High School, Strongsville Middle School, and Sts. Joseph & John Catholic School classes. On December 6 & 7, SHS History, Spanish, and English classes will learn more about El Salvador, plus students will be taught in co-teaching sessions with SHS teachers and their El Salvadoran counterparts.


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