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Impact of Governor Kasich’s Proposed Budget on Strongsville City Schools



February 21, 2017

Ohio Governor John Kasich has proposed a budget that includes a $455,000 decrease of funding to Strongsville City Schools beginning with the 2017-18 school year. The funding cut is based on the state phasing out the guaranteed portion of the funding formula.  School districts, like Strongsville, which have experienced more than a 5% decline in student enrollment from 2011-2016 will see a reduction in their guaranteed funding amount from the state.

In addition, the Governor is continuing with the phase out of the Tangible Personal Property (TPP) funding to school districts, which amounts to an additional decrease of $3,600,000 in funding for Strongsville City Schools. Based on the Governor’s past two budgets, state funding for Strongsville City Schools will be decreased by $4,100,000, a 32% drop in state funding.

Please voice your concerns to our state representatives about these proposed cuts of state funding.
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