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Strongsville City Schools Receives $1.2 Million Literacy Grant From Ohio Department of Education

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Strongsville City Schools
Receives $1.2 Million Literacy Grant
From Ohio Department of Education

Strongsville, OH (June 1, 2018) - The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has awarded Strongsville City Schools $1.2 million in grant funds as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant. More than $33 million was awarded by ODE to 46 school districts and consortiums of districts to improve the language and literacy development of students.

Over the next three years, this grant money will provide Strongsville City Schools with three (3) Kindergarten - 5th Grade literacy coaches, as well as the Lexia Learning Program to provide research-based reading intervention support for each of the five (5) elementary schools in our District.

“Developing a strong foundation of reading and literacy skills in our elementary students is critical for their long-term success. These grant dollars will make a significant impact on the professional growth of our teachers and the success of our elementary students. A special thanks to Erin Green, our Director of Curriculum, for the countless hours spent to set the vision, develop strategic actions, and complete the comprehensive application for these grant dollars. Based on her efforts, these literacy supports will be in place for both our teachers and students to provide the strong literacy foundation we all desire for our students,” said Cameron Ryba, Superintendent of Strongsville City Schools.

"The instructional coaching component is a tenet we have had a strong desire to implement for the past several years. Coaches are an impact multiplier in schools, positively affecting hundreds of students through their ongoing collaborative work with teachers. This extra support and targeted focus on literacy fundamentals will ensure all students leaving our elementary buildings possess on-grade or higher skill levels in reading and writing and are fully prepared for the rigors of middle school and beyond. This grant award allows us the opportunity to provide for three full-time elementary literacy coaches, which is quite elite and premier for a district of our size," said Erin Green, Director of Curriculum for Strongsville City Schools.


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