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2017-2018 Ohio School Report Card Results for Strongsville City Schools

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2017-18 Ohio School Report Card Results
For Strongsville City Schools

Strongsville, OH (September 13, 2018) - The Ohio Department of Education has released the 2017-18 School Report Card results for school districts across Ohio. Districts and individual schools were graded on six components for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as being given an overall grade based on the state assessments administered each spring to students in 3rd - 12th grade.

Each measured component has specific indicators that must be met, based on student results, which determine the letter grades. Strongsville City Schools improved the grades earned on six of these indicators, as well as improving component grades earned on Gap Closing and Progress, in comparison to the 2016-17 report card.

The "Gap Closing" measure details how well students are performing on the state assessments. This measure looks at the performance of all students, as well as various subgroups.  Strongsville City Schools went from a “D” in 2016-17 to an “A” on this year’s report card. Additionally, the District improved its “Progress” grade from a “B” in 2016-17 to an “A” this year. The “Progress” component looks closely at the growth that all students are making based on their past performances.  These improvements have led the District to earn an overall grade of “B” for 2017-18.

“Our District continues to focus on improving achievement levels on the state assessments. Thanks to the efforts of our teachers, support staff, and administration, we have seen significant progress in the past year. In just one year, our District met the state indicators on 14 additional tests at the building level, and five additional tests at the district level.  These results are to be celebrated and will serve as the foundation for future growth as we continue to challenge ourselves to provide the best learning environments and experiences for every student in our district,” said Mr. Cameron Ryba, Superintendent of Strongsville City Schools.

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