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Strongsville High School Students Have Strong Showing at DECA District Competition

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Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator
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Strongsville High School Students
Have Strong Showing at
DECA District Competition


Strongsville, OH (February 8, 2019) - Strongsville High School juniors and seniors competed last week in the DECA District Competition. With a strong representation of one hundred twenty (120) students, seventy two (72) students qualified for the state competition by finishing either in the top four in team events or top five in individual events for their specific categories.

DECA is the only national student organization operating in the nation’s schools to attract young people to careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and entrepreneurship. DECA competitions include a written test over business and marketing information, as well as role-playing, and problem solving events.  Students are judged on the basis of their ability to develop and communicate sound, creative, and thorough solutions to the problem situations in a variety of industry categories.

“The DECA program and competition provides students an opportunity to problem-solve for real world situations. It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to challenge themselves both inside and outside of the classroom. I am so proud of this group and their accomplishments at this district competition,” said Ms. Jessica Frenchik, Strongsville High School marketing teacher and DECA advisor.

The following high school students will represent Strongsville at the DECA State Competition, with an opportunity to qualify for this year’s international competition in Orlando, Florida (competition category in parentheses):

13 First Place Team/Individual Qualifiers
Eric Geiss & Gillian Williams (Financial Services - Team)
Kayla Wypasek & Katie Carroll (Marketing Management - Team)
Catherine Kaczor & Mackenzie Kaine (Sports & Entertainment - Team)
Anastasiya Sembay & Kaitlin Tobias (Travel & Tourism - Team)
Summer Tayeh & Grace Roman (Buying & Merchandising - Team)
Kayla Holloway & Karenna Cianciolo (Hospitality Services - Team)
John Mott & Andrew Aske (Entrepreneurship - Team)
Anna Barrett (Automotive Series - Individual)
Hannah Lipowski (Business Services Series - Individual)
Hinal Patel (Marketing Communication Series - Individual)
Shane Strohmenger (Food Marketing Series - Individual)
Olivia Trizzino (Quick Serve Series - Individual)
Sarah Wingler (Apparel & Accessories Series - Individual)

16 Second Place Team/Individual Qualifiers
Olivia Smith & Lauren Vargo (Entrepreneurship - Team)
Nathan Kortyna & Craig Jones (Hospitality Services - Team)
Haley Dye & Vera Maglakelidze (Marketing Management - Team)
Giovanni Lombardo & Joseph Meserini (Business Law & Ethics - Team)
Bianca Banez & Katie Kappel (Buying & Merchandising - Team)
Adam Felice & Tyler Housum (Financial Services - Team)
Megan Fleisher & Rebecca Karr (Travel & Tourism - Team)
Clare Abdallah (Quick Serve Series - Individual)
Faiza Abuhamdeh (Retail Merchandising Series - Individual)
Hunter Davis (Automotive Series - Individual)
Kaitlyn Kenny (Entrepreneurship Series - Individual)
Kayla Manney (Human Resources Series - Individual)
Jaime Melland (Restaurant & Food Service Series - Individual)
Brooke Narolewski (Marketing Communications Series - Individual)
Alexander Norris (Food Marketing Series - Individual)
Christopher Wade (Entrepreneurship Series - Individual)

9 Third Place Team/Individual Qualifiers
Ryan Hartman & Brandon Varnadoe (Buying & Merchandising - Team)
Diana Dumych & Elise Hokr (Marketing Management - Team)
Jazmine Mullins & Rebecca Silvis (Entrepreneurship - Team)
Samantha Perrin & Paige Puzzitiello (Business Law & Ethics - Team)
Logan Starek & Jacob Schuette (Financial Services - Team)
Nicole Borsuk (Apparel & Accessories Series - Individual)
Kevin Cendroski (Automotive Series - Individual)
Gina Giampietro (Food Marketing Series - Individual)
Cameron Moteleski (Business Services Series - Individual)

7 Fourth Place Team/Individual Qualifiers
Jonathan Major & Jestin Kramer (Buying & Merchandising - Team)
Morgan Arnholt & Sasha Hammer (Entrepreneurship - Team)
Nicholas Adams & Richard Roskoph (Sports & Entertainment - Team)
Angelina Ruiz & Lindsey Homa (Hospitality Services - Team)
Delaney Cochran & Olivia Rice (Travel & Tourism - Team)
Alexandra Kadras & Cassidy Locigno (Marketing Management - Team)
Jillian Ward (Automotive Series - Individual)

8 Fifth Place Team/Individual Qualifiers
Joseph Dindia & Devin Dalessandro (Business Law & Ethics - Team)
Jake Delisio & Jack Frank (Sports & Entertainment - Team)
Madison Frank & Eva Ponomarenko (Travel & Tourism - Team)
Brooklyn Beard & Brianna Gallagher (Entrepreneurship - Team)
Erin Moore & Emma Synk (Buying & Merchandising - Team)
Cassandra Novak & Rachael Smith (Hospitality - Team)
Justin Godoy (Marketing Communication Series - Individual)
Abigail Walcher (Apparel & Accessories Series - Individual)

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