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Bond Issue Savings Leads to Facility Improvements

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Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator
Strongsville City Schools


Additional Facility Improvements
Completed Due to Bond Issue
Financial Prudence & Cost Efficiencies

Improvements Include Secure Entryways, Parking Lot Repaving at Elementary Schools,
& New HVAC System at Chapman Elementary


Strongsville, OH (March 15, 2019) - Strongsville City Schools recently completed several facility improvement projects which utilized the remaining dollars from the $81 million bond issue passed by the Strongsville community in 2012. By law, bond issue dollars are to be used exclusively for capital improvement projects and the entire amount must be used. Bond issue dollars cannot be used for operating budget expenses and cannot be saved for future use.

The major projects resulting from the $81 million bond issue included construction of a state-of-the-art middle school, a completely renovated high school, an updated preschool, and upgraded elementary buildings. Through cost efficiencies and savings realized because of strong oversight by the Board of Education, District administrators, and community members serving on the resident oversight committee, additional upgrades and renovations beyond the original project scope were able to be completed for the long-term benefits of students and staff.

The additional projects completed due to financial prudence and cost efficiencies from the project included:

  • Construction of safe and secure entryways at elementary buildings, the early learning preschool, and the athletic department at the high school, based on collaboration with the Strongsville Police Department and Strongsville Fire Department.
  • Repaving of parking lots at each elementary school
  • Replacement of the electric HVAC system with a natural gas HVAC system at Chapman Elementary, which will provide significant future savings on utilities

“The construction and renovation projects throughout our District over the past few years could not have been accomplished without the generous support of our community. We appreciate the trust and confidence shown in passing the bond issue to further improve our District. Financial prudence and strong project management allowed us to make the best use of the bond dollars in additional ways that were not in the original scope of the project. As a community, it is very important to remember that the bond issue money spent on these projects is completely separate from the operating levy that is on the ballot on May. By law, bond dollars can only be used for brick and mortar projects and not for any operating budget expenses,” said Mr. George Grozan, member of the Strongsville Board of Education and Facilities Development Committee.


Strongsville City Schools, in partnership with the community,
will ensure all students reach their fullest potential through challenging curriculum and activities,
provided by a highly qualified, motivated staff, in a safe, supportive environment with up-to-date facilities and technology.