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Strongsville High School Commencement Details

Strongsville High School Commencement
Class of 2020
Sunday, May 31, 2020


(performed by members of the Class of 2020)

(click on the names below to view)

Mr. Richard Micko
President, Strongsville Board of Education

Dr. Cameron Ryba
Superintendent, Strongsville City Schools

Mr. Joseph Mueller
Principal, Strongsville High School

Ms. Leena Dughly
SHS Senior Class President

Ms. Samantha Hepp
SHS Class of 2020 - Phi Beta Kappa Recipient

Mr. Shubh Thakkar
SHS Student Council President


Students and their family will arrive at Strongsville High School and report to their designated parking lot during their designated report times 

Last Names A - F
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
(E. Lunn / Upper Parking Lot)

Last Names M - R
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
(E. Lunn / Upper Parking Lot)

Last Names G - L
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
(W. Lunn / Main Parking Lot)

Last Names S - Z
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
(W. Lunn / Main Parking Lot)

Please click HERE to view your “report time” for arrivals in the 2 hour blocks mentioned above.

** Please double check the report time link above on Sunday, May 31 as we will be updating report times, if necessary

For graduates with divorced/blended families, or families with more than one graduate, two cars per family will be permitted and we ask that you plan ahead to coordinate your arrival to SHS.  Students with different last names in the same family may choose one time slot to report so that students may be announced back-to-back. **Please note, 4 family members may exit the vehicle with the graduate, as necessary, to partake in the individualized ceremony.**

Click HERE for an overhead map detailing the entrance points, parking lots, and traffic flow for Commencement.  Upon arrival, cars will be lined up in their designated lot in preparation for the procession to the main entrance of Pat Catan Stadium; please follow staff volunteers’ guidance for this process.  Please DO NOT use Rademaker-Miller Lane to access SHS on May 31st, as this will be used strictly as an exit road. 

Please find outlined below the procession plan for graduates and their families for the individualized portion of Commencement. Every graduate and family members in attendance should be familiar with this procession plan to ensure a smooth and memorable day for everyone.

  1. From the parking lot assigned in the arrival details, the graduate and family will pull up to the  rotunda stage area outside of Pat Catan Stadium.

  2. The graduate should be on the passenger side of the vehicle, dressed in their cap and gown.

  3. Once the car is parked in front of the rotunda stage east walkway, marked with balloons, the family will be met by an SHS staff member. The staff member will notify the graduate and up to 4 family members when they may exit the vehicle.

  4. Once out of the vehicle, family members will proceed to the viewing area; the graduate will proceed to the announcer’s podium and give the announcer his/her name as they want it announced over the PA system.

  5. As the announcer introduces the graduate, the graduate will receive their diploma cover from a Board of Education Member and walk to center stage to get their picture taken.

  6. In preparation for their picture, students should stand in the center of the stage and move their tassel from right to left. 

  7. After the graduate has turned their tassel, their picture will be taken, and then they will process off the stage and back down to exit the rotunda area.

  8. Upon exiting the rotunda area, the graduate will pick up their actual diploma envelope which includes two graduation programs. While the graduate is picking up their diploma, family members should return to their vehicle.

  9. After the student has their diploma in hand, the graduate and all family members should return to their vehicle.

  10. Once the graduate and family members are back in the vehicle, they will exit SHS campus via Rademaker - Miller Lane.

Due to current conditions and restrictions, the graduate and family members exiting the vehicle will be asked to verify that they are not exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms (i.e., fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, temperature over 100.4), and that they have not been in contact with others that have or are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. 

As a reminder, the graduation ceremony will be a live streamed event. There will be several cameras recording and taking photos for both the live stream and the production of the comprehensive video. As we are trying to recreate the traditional ceremony as much as possible, please be mindful of both dress and conduct. Thank you for your attention and cooperation with these matters.