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Mrs. DeNeen Russo Receives Sister Rita Mackert Teacher of the Year Award

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Dan Foust, Communications Coordinator
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Mrs. DeNeen Russo
Chapman Elementary Intervention Specialist
Receives Sister Rita Mackert Teacher of the Year Award

Annual Award from The Strongsville Council of the Knights of Columbus Recognizes an Exemplary Teacher in the District

Strongsville, OH (June 23, 2020) - Mrs. DeNeen Russo, an Intervention Specialist at Chapman Elementary School, is the recipient of this year’s Sister Rita Mackert Teacher of the Year Award. This award has been established by the Strongsville Council of the Knights of Columbus to recognize an outstanding teacher in the Strongsville City School district.

Mrs. Russo has been working in the Strongsville School District for more than 20 years. As an Intervention Specialist, Mrs. Russo is responsible for managing students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and making sure their academic needs are met by providing different strategies and methods for acquiring knowledge. She stays in close communication with parents and works cooperatively with general education teachers to assist with intervention strategies.

Her nomination form included the following comments: “In everything Mrs. Russo does, her love for children is visible and palpable. Mrs. Russo works with a number of children who have a wide range of needs and she gives each one of them her love and attention to help them learn and grow. If there is something a student needs, she researches best practices, locates the necessary resources, asks others for assistance, and implements her learning to be sure her students get the very best educational experience they can have.” 

“Learning in my classroom is a two way street. We all learn from each other every day. In my room we are all about having fun and learning, of course. Seeing my students learn new skills and master things they have been working on is the best feeling. Sometimes I am just amazed at my students’ determination to learn new things every day,” said Mrs. DeNeen Russo, Sister Rita Mackert Teacher of the Year award winner.

“Mrs. Russo is a valued member of our staff at Chapman Elementary. She is a true advocate for all students. Mrs. Russo builds positive relationships with students, parents, and staff and is a strong role model, educator, and leader in our school,” said Mrs. Amy Pinney, Chapman Elementary School Principal.

“On behalf of the Strongsville Council of the Knights of Columbus, St. Francis of Assisi, we congratulate DeNeen Russo as our Teacher of the Year for the Strongsville City Schools. Mrs. Russo's commitment to her profession and dedication to her students made her our choice for the Sister Rita Mackert Award. Thank you Mrs. Russo for what you do with our greatest gift, our children,” said Mr. William Burdick, Strongsville Council of the Knights of Columbus.

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