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SCS Superintendent Travels to Columbus in Support of State Report Card Reform

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Strongsville City Schools Superintendent
Travels to Columbus in Support of
State Report Card Reform

Dr. Ryba Has Been Part of Specialized Workgroup
Focused on Improving Ohio’s State Report Card

Strongsville, OH (March 12, 2021) - Dr. Cameron Ryba, Strongsville City Schools Superintendent, traveled to Columbus this week in support of introduced legislation, which would overhaul and improve Ohio’s school report card system. In 2019, Dr. Ryba was one of three Superintendents selected from across the state to be part of a specialized workgroup, led by State Representative Don Jones (R-Freeport), that has collaborated over the past two years focused on state report card reform.

The legislation, introduced this week by State Representative Jones and State Representative Phil Robinson (D-Solon), would make several changes to Ohio’s current report card system, with the intent to revise the current system from one of flawed metrics and punitive measures to a system that schools, parents, and communities can understand and use to properly assist in decision making and improvement efforts. Proposed changes would eliminate the current “A” through “F” grading system and replace it with new performance ratings, as well as do away with the “overall grade” of buildings and school districts, rating only each component. The proposed report card would still report and measure meaningful areas of student performance in a manner that is an accurate and thoughtful representation and reflection of the work that each school district and school building is doing for the betterment of the children of Ohio.

The bill has 58 co-sponsors and now awaits an assignment to a standing House committee where it will move through the legislative process.

“It has been an honor to represent Superintendents and public school districts across the state and work with our state legislators and state education organizations on reforming our state report card. Through this legislation, our report card will evolve to report progress on critical components of student learning, measure key benchmarks of student performance, and communicate it in a way that is meaningful to teachers and understandable to our parents, so that we can continue to drive growth and work together to celebrate the accomplishments and provide meaningful and targeted supports to areas of need. This legislation helps to create a meaningful future for public education. It provides supportive accountability and encourages a culture within our schools that affords the ability to foster and develop critical thinkers.  It gives us the space to foster and develop creative, collaborative, empowered and resilient learners that have the skills and knowledge necessary to not only find success on a standardized test, but to find success in life,” said Dr. Cameron Ryba, Strongsville City Schools Superintendent.

“It was our goal through the entirety of this process to simplify the state report card, give it real meaning, and to make it more proactive all while continuing to comply with federal guidelines. This new approach will make the report cards easier for students, teachers, parents, and school officials to understand and learn from. From there, they will have a more streamlined approach in processing any necessary changes that might need to be made to make each school throughout Ohio as successful as possible,” said State Representative Don Jones (R-Freeport).

“With nearly 60 co-sponsors, this bipartisan legislation will begin to help address the long-lasting, systemic issues in Ohio’s education and end the piecemeal changes approach that has been failing our students. At the heart of every community is a school and our children. Ohio’s promise of better lives and brighter futures begins in the classroom. In the same way that our children are more than a letter grade on a test, we know our schools are also more and can only better serve our children with a better evaluation system,” said State Representative Phil Robinson (D-Solon).

Click HERE to view the news release and click HERE to view the press conference from the Ohio House of Representatives.

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