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Midterm Schedule

Midterm Exam Schedule and FAQs

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If my child doesn't have an exam during Session II, may he leave campus and return for his exam at 10:40?

No. Once a student is on campus for exams, s/he should stay until all of his/her exams that day are completed. Students may arrive late if they don't have an exam during the first session, and they may leave after their last exam of the day -- they may NOT leave the building only for Session II and return for Session III. Students without a Session II exam should stay in the cafeteria study hall while waiting for the Session III exam.

My daughter has lunch/study hall 7th period. Does this mean she can leave after the Session II exam time on 12/19?

Yes, students need to attend only the sessions for which they have a class. If your daughter doesn't have a 7th period exam, she can leave SHS at 10:30 AM on Monday, assuming she has transportation and no make-up exams that afternoon.

Is transportation available during exam week? Yes, buses will run their usual routes at the usual time. Students who want to arrive later or leave earlier will have to find their own transportation. Students waiting for their afternoon bus will be restricted to the cafeteria study hall from 12:50 PM until their buses arrive at 2:25.

Will lunch be available to students during exam week? The cafeteria will be offering a limited menu for students wanting to purchase food.

My son attends Polaris during the morning. When will he take his exams? Polaris students will attend their PCC classes at their regularly scheduled times and take their exams in the afternoon during the make-up exam period from 1:00 PM - 2:25PM.