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SHS Earns High Marks on the State Report Card

The state report card is one measure of how we are doing (linked here). Obviously, there are a number of other measures we use to track student success (ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP participation and scores, social and emotionally cared for students, etc.), but this one carries significant weight. This year SHS met all state indicators relating to state testing. Our value added score (the metric of how students grow in comparison to the rest of the students in the state) puts our building in the top 1% of all high schools in the state and our building index score (the metric of how our students scored on the state tests) puts us in the top 7% of all high school in the state. Our building received an "A" on graduation rate and a "B" overall.


We are exceptionally proud of our students' and staff's work and progress on the state report card, and we look forward to continuing to push forward and achieve student growth.