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2021 Prom

We will be having Prom on Sunday June 6th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, the prom will be at the school at the stadium. We will be having local food trucks setting up a dining room and the DJ is setting up the dance floor to be half of the football field. The prom tickets will be $50 and include: Dinner, Dessert, and all of the amenities of After Prom are included. Students can go home at 8:30 and change and return toafterprom from 9-12 am. There will be many afterprom activities that will utilize the space we have at the facility. The picture booths will be set up as well. This Prom will be unique and the date will allow for no senior to miss due to sporting events or extracurricular activities. If there is inclement weather we will be using the gyms of the building as our backup plan. Specific details of the event will be shared through the Prom committee. 

While I know that Prom being after graduation is not normal, the reality is that we can't have prom on the 21st due to the possibility of any student being quarantined and then missing graduation. Graduation is sacred to our seniors and I want no one to miss it. Due to the nice amount of space we will be allowing each senior to bring a guest to the prom while following traditional rules for students getting the proper paperwork for outside guests. The guest that they attend with can also attend afterprom. In order to protect our field we are  not allowing heels on the football field. Wedge shoes are acceptable. 

I'm sure that there will be comments/questions so please feel free to email me at

Bill Wingler 

Principal: SHS