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Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders (Lunn Rd. & Chapman)

For Lunn Rd. Families:

Please be aware of the new drop off/pick up location. It is now in the high school parking lot located west of the preschool. Blue arrows mark the path you should take. Kids will enter/exit your car at the end of the new sidewalk that connects the high school lot to the preschool. Please have patience with staff and other parents learning the new routine. Staff will be located at the driveways to help direct traffic.

Please be cognizant of the time you are arriving to drop off and pick up your child from the Lunn Road Preschool location. Our high school students have been very understanding, but are being blocked in their parking spots when cars start lining up 15-20 minutes before dismissal. We are working hard to get your children in and out of the building as quickly and safely as possible. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before arrival/dismissal.

Please display your car tag with your child's number on it in the passenger side window. We cannot see the car tags when they are placed on the dash.

Please do not exit your vehicle in the line. If you need to exit your vehicle to buckle your child, you must pull into a parking spot. Thanks for understanding!

Lunn Rd. Drop Off and Pick Up


For Chapman Families:
Follow the main driveway and veer to the right around the bus loop. Keep following the bus loop around to drop your child off at the northwest corner of the buliding.

Preschool Drop Off & Pick Up at Chapman